The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

In today’s world we are in unprecedent times- and at times like these it is a brilliant opportunity to develop new practices.  At Head 2 Toe Chiropractic, we believe in promoting health and exercise.  Yoga is practiced regularly by Yvonne and Tricia. Tricia is currently running regular yoga classes for all our members.‍

But what is yoga?

Yoga, an ancient practice and meditation, has become increasingly popular in today’s busy society.  There are so many different forms of exercise and training coming and going be it TRX training, Circuts,, pilates etc, But yoga is one that has stood the test of time, having been around from more than 5,000 years.  Yoga is a powerful practice.  It brings your body and mind together and the practice is built on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation.

The benefits of practicing yoga go beyond burning calories and toning muscles, there is also the mental benefits gained from the total mind- body workout.

We often hear comments such as “Yoga isn’t for me”, “I’m not flexible enough”, I have no balance” or “ it’s too slow and gentle” But there are so many different forms of yoga practices out there from Hatha Yoga, Yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa yoga to name a few, you are bound to find one you like!‍

If you are still not convinced, read these seven evidence based benefits to yoga:‍

1.     Improves Flexibility

One of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga is improved flexibility.  Whether you goal is to reduce hamstring tightness, touch your toes or simply feel less stiff, the stretches and poses preformed during yoga will help this.  Developing greater strength and flexibility in your muscles will also reduce your risk of injury.  No one likes to be injured after all!!‍

2.      Improves Posture‍

Studies have shown that yoga exercises help improve bad posture.  Posture is an important part of staying healthy.  The spine is the central channel of the nervous system so when your spine is healthy, the pathways of your nervous system are strong and vital energy moves more freely.  Correcting posture imbalances will also help to prevent and relieve chronic back pain.  As we say here at Head 2 Toe Chiropractic “ Don’t Let Your Spine Get On Your Nerves

3.     Increases Strength

Most people will think of lifting heavy weights when they think of strength training, but spend a few minutes in a downward dog pose and you will realise how much strength is required.  The benefits of building strength through yoga is that you balance it with flexibility.  How many of us forget to stretch after lifting weights in the gym???

4.     Improves Sleep Quality

Incorporating yoga into your daily routine can help promote a better sleep.  Yoga can help you relax and unwind, helping you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and therefore feel more rested when you wake up.

5.     Reduces Anxiety and Stress

In our modern world and with all the chaos and fear we are subjected to every day who is not experiencing Anxiety and Stress??  It is a well know fact that exercise has a positive influence on mental health.  Yoga has been shown to act a self- soothing technique and can help manage our stress response system by reducing heart rate, lowering blood pressure and slowing our respiration.

6.     Improves Concentration and Focus

The practice of yoga requires physical concentration as you learn to bring your focus to your breath as you move through a sequence of poses.  Bringing in an awareness of your body and breath is a useful tool that can be used off the mat to improve concentration in your day to day activities.

7.     Improve Cardiovascular Health

Yoga poses rely on holding muscle tension for short periods of time, helping to improve cardiovascular fitness and circulation. This can help to reduce blood pressure and decrease risk factors for heart disease

There are multiple studies confirming the positive benefits yoga has on our health. Also a bonus benefit:  improved posture, decreased anxiety and stress and better sleep all aid in boosting the immune system.  As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, we are all looking for ways of helping our immune system!‍

So why not give it a go!‍