Pilates for Prevention of Back Pain

June 30th, 2020
Facts about Low Back Pain
Did you know that chronic pain affects over 1.6 million people in...
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Breathing and Awareness of your Breath

June 27th, 2020

Did you know on average every day we take 26,000 breaths!!! This is done subconsciously - without...

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Exercise Guidelines when Pregnant

June 18th, 2020
There are a lot of guidelines about exercising when Pregnant – the HSE/NHS/ACOG/NICE- and they...
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Mid Back Mobility

June 18th, 2020
The middle part of your back or the Thoracic Spine, runs from the base of the neck to the bottom of the...
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Perfect your Sit-up Technique

June 8th, 2020
The Sit ups in Pilates are known as Ab Preps. This exercise is fantastic for strengthening the abdominal...
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Activating Gluteal Muscles

June 2nd, 2020
Did you know your gluteal muscles are one of the strongest muscles in your body? The gluteal muscles...
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Squats- how to do them and the importance of squatting

May 25th, 2020
Who hasn’t done a squat in their lifetime? From the time we are kids we are squatting. Bringing our...
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Shoulder Mobility and Strength

May 13th, 2020
In this blog will talk about shoulder mobility and strength and ways to improve your mobility and strength...
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Sun Salutations

May 8th, 2020
Sun Salutations otherwise known as Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit are key components in Ashtanga Yoga. Surya...
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Home Workouts

April 19th, 2020
Since the lockdown a lot of us have converted some space in our home to do online classes or gym classes....
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Deep Breathing Technique

April 17th, 2020
 Deep Breathing Technique or Diaphragmatic Breathing‍
The diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle...
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Top benefits of Pilates

April 17th, 2020
Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment...
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The Benefits of Yoga

April 4th, 2020
In today’s world we are in unprecedent times- and at times like these it is a brilliant opportunity...
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How to Improve your Daily Step count

March 1st, 2020
Walking is man's best medicine", is a quote by Hippocrates. These words hold so much truth as research...
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Top tips for sitting at your desk

February 26th, 2020
Modern day lifestyle has become more and more sedentary with the ever growing world of technology.  Prolonged...
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Be Kind to Your Spine

February 12th, 2020
Be Kind to Your Spine‍ Your spine consists of: 🔷7 cervical vertebrae...
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