Be Kind to Your Spine

Be Kind to Your Spine

Be Kind to Your Spine

Your spine consists of:

🔷7 cervical vertebrae in the neck

🔷12 Thoracic vertebrae in the middle back

🔷5 Lumbar vertebrae in the lower back

🔷 The sacrum (part of the pelvis)

🔷The coccyx (tailbone)

The vertebrae is the bone part of the spine and between each vertebrae is a disc. The discs act as shock absorbers between the bones and they hold the bones together.

The functions of the spine are to:

🔷Protect the spinal cord, the nerves and some of the internal organs

🔷Provide structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture.

🔷Enable flexible movement.

As you can see our spines play such an important role in everyday movement and for daily function. What do you do to look after your spine?

Let’s take our teeth for example. From the time we are kids we are encouraged to brush our teeth daily and see a dentist regularly. If you lay in bed and forgot to do the scrubbing of your teeth I am certain you would get up and do it?!

We should do the same for our spine. Move daily, stretch daily, keep the core muscles strong, see your Chiropractor and Physiotherapist regularly.

In the same way your teeth build plaque if you forget about them, your spine can become stiff and inflexible and over time painful and can impact on daily life.

Have you had your spinal checkup recently? If not, call us on 021-2011159 or email us on info@head2toechiropractic.ie and remember to be Kind to your spine!