Pregnancy and Chiropractic

During pregnancy, the body goes through several changes such as Hormonal changes, digestion and  increases in weight. The weight gain will increase pressure on the load bearing joints; ligaments are stretched and posture changes from your growing abdomen.

Many women experience back pain and would prefer not to take any medication that would affect their baby. Having chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is a great way to relieve the added stress on your spine. The hormonal changes which influence the ligaments surrounding your pelvis and spine in preparation for birth, can unfortunately lead to pelvic instability and pain.

Symptoms of pregnancy related back problems include:

  • Lower back or buttocks pain
  • Hip or groin pain
  • Leg pain
  • Discomfort standing, walking or sitting
  • Restricted movement.
  • Pain on the Pubic Symphysis
  • Rib Pain

At Head 2 Toe Chiropractic, a specially designed pregnancy pillow is used to allow pregnant women to lie comfortably on the treatment tables. Specific gentle chiropractic techniques are used to improve joint function and ease areas of pain. Other techniques such as massage, stretching and appropriate exercises compliment your treatments. We can also advise as to whether you may benefit from a supportive belt for the duration of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Conditions Treated

  • Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (SPD)
  • Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction
  • Lower back painLower back pain
  • Pelvic and hip pain
  • Sciatica
  • Upper back and Rib pain
  • Neck pain

Following Pregnancy, your back is a weaker version of itself and has an increased susceptibility to injury. It has a lot of extra demands placed upon it caring for a new baby, between feeding baby and carrying your little bundle of joy.

Post Pregnancy Conditions Treated

Post pregnancy injuries are most common within in the first three months following the birth of your new baby. This is because your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are weaker as a result of your pregnancy and birth. Your spine and pelvis have been suffering under the pressure of the increased weight and the significant postural changes of pregnancy leading to pain and instability. This can be complicated if you already had an existing back, neck or shoulder issue.

Unfortunately, new mums rarely look after themselves, choosing family and home life before fully recovering themselves.

At Head 2 Toe Chiropractic our Post Pregnancy Treatments include:

  • Treatment for Back, Neck, Pelvic and Rib pain
  • Practical advice relating to posture when breastfeeding and carrying your baby
  • Ergonomic advice: How to lift, bend, and get those car seats in and out of the car
  • Advice on Pelvic floor and Pilates based exercise to strengthen your core muscles
  • Massage for achy and tired muscles

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