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Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations otherwise known as Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit are key components in Ashtanga Yoga. Surya means the sun and Namaskara is to greet or honour, so to greet the sun. What I love about Sun Salutations? ·         It helps to connect movement to breath. ·         Warms […]

Home Workouts

Since the lockdown a lot of us have converted some space in our home to do online classes or gym classes. The best thing is that technology is keeping us connected and moving. Personally as an instructor, I find teaching online challenging in terms of the level of the exercises and if clients are moving […]

Deep Breathing Technique

Deep Breathing Technique or Diaphragmatic Breathing‍ The diaphragm is a dome shaped muscle that attaches into the lower ribs. It is the main muscle in respiration and breathing. When you Inhale or breathe in the diaphragm expands and contracts thereby opening up the rib cage and the chest cavity. This creates a vacuum allowing air […]

Top benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. It is becoming increasingly popular in the last number of years because of its success. Here are some of the benefits of regular pilates classes: ‍ ‍     1.     Develop a strong core […]

The Benefits of Yoga

In today’s world we are in unprecedent times- and at times like these it is a brilliant opportunity to develop new practices.  At Head 2 Toe Chiropractic, we believe in promoting health and exercise.  Yoga is practiced regularly by Yvonne and Tricia. Tricia is currently running regular yoga classes for all our members.‍ But what […]

How to Improve your Daily Step count

Walking is man’s best medicine”, is a quote by Hippocrates. These words hold so much truth as research has shown there are numerous health benefits of walking. The NICE guidelines on Physical Activity show the benefits of walking as follows: · Reduced risk of heart disease · Reduced risk of stroke · Reduced risk of […]

Top tips for sitting at your desk

Modern day lifestyle has become more and more sedentary with the ever growing world of technology.  Prolonged sitting is now defined as the new smoking! We as human beings are designed to move. As caveman our days consisted of climbing trees, running from wild animals and gathering food….. we moved all the time!  When we […]

Be Kind to Your Spine

Be Kind to Your Spine‍ Your spine consists of: 🔷7 cervical vertebrae in the neck 🔷12 Thoracic vertebrae in the middle back 🔷5 Lumbar vertebrae in the lower back 🔷 The sacrum (part of the pelvis) 🔷The coccyx (tailbone) The vertebrae is the bone part of the spine and between each vertebrae is a disc. […]