Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy)

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy (ANF Therapy)

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy or ANF uses a patch in the shape of a circular disc.  There are different patches, all which contain carbonised metal which can hold a specific frequency. When a patch is applied to the skin, the patient’s body heat activates the frequency in the patch. The patch can stay on the skin for up to three days.  To date there are over a hundred and eighty different patches that all resonate at different frequencies and treat various different aliments.

These patches are not available over the counter and patients are required to see a therapist who is certified in ANF Therapy.  Here at Head 2 Toe Chiropractic, Tricia our physiotherapist has completed her certification in ANF Therapy.  Following a full assessment, Tricia will determine which of these patches are most appropriate to help specific conditions.

ANF therapy is used to help reduce pain and inflammation by normalising body functions including nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatics and hormonal production.  When combined with physiotherapy and chiropractic care the results can be amazing and all without the use of drugs or surgery and with little to no down time!‍

Disc used in ANF Therapy‍

The different discs Tricia uses in Head 2 Toe Chiropractic clinic are as follows:

🔷ACA/AGL/M2 to boost healing and repair of damaged tissue.

🔷Pain and inflammation discs.

🔷MCS to relax the nervous system.

🔷Energy discs to promote muscle strength and flexibility.

🔷HD2 for issues with the discs in the body.

Important points:

🔷Hydration levels are key. To make sure to drink 2 Litres of water a day.

🔷Make sure the skin is clean and dry.

🔷Not to use a hair dryer when the disc is on.

🔷Wear the disc for 3 days.

🔷The disc is a medical device and contains no medications.

If you are interested in learning more about ANF Therapy, or require a consultation for ANF disc therapy, do not hesitate to call us on 021-2011159 or contact Tricia at